Kristian Blummenfelt & Gustav Iden Training Program

The Nnorwegian Triathlon Training System

  • Day One: Two threshold sessions + one easy session
  • Day Two: Long easy sessions (5-8 hours in total)
  • Day Three: Two threshold sessions + one easy session
  • Day Four: Very easy training, often around 2hrs of choice.

Threshold Training

They do a lot of double threshold training days. Because triathlon is swim, bike & run, they aim to hit a threshold session on each discipline a minimum of once per cycle. They will sometimes have all day swim, bike, run threshold day but this isn’t done too often.

The goal within these threshold sessions is to stay as close to threshold as possible so coaching staff will take lactate tests between each interval.

With these sessions, there is a lot of variations in the training sessions at threshold.

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