Ironman Nutrition Plan

This is my current nutrition plan for Ironman.  I will do something very similar for half Ironman races as well.


Before Race Start
• Wake up 3hrs before race and have 500ml High5 4:1 (4 scoops) with added saltstick
• 2hrs before race start have toast with jam
• From wake up to 1hr before race start, sip on High5 2:1
• 1hr from race start, sip on water
• 10min before race start, drink 250ml of Redbull
On bike:
• For the first 1hr, drink High5 2:1 with added Saltstick
• After first hour, switch to only drinking water.
• Every 25min, take 1 gel and wait a few minutes before drinking
• Take Saltstick every 30min
• Every 2hrs, eat half banana
• Around halfway, have 250ml can of Redbull (from special needs)

On Run
• Keep drinking water
• Take gel every 25-30min with water
• Take Saltstick every 30min
• Can replace a gel with coke or Redbull


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