Ironman Nutrition Plan

This nutrition race plan is based for myself and is to provide you with just a guide. Everyone will agree that nutrition plans are a very individual thing. What works for me may not work for you.  Keep in mind that I am a big person. Just under than 6 foot tall and weighing on race day around 78kg.I need a lot of calories to get through an Ironman compared to someone like mycoach Allan Pitman who, are far as I can tell from his nutrition plan he sent me, has around 2000 calories less throughout the day then I do.

Whatever your nutrition plan is, please run many tests before race day.  Anytime I test anything, I will do a 100km time trial on the bike and a 10km run off the bike.  The pace is at, or greater than race pace.  When it comes to nutrition tests, I will do extra then what I plan for race day.  I aim to use gels every 20 minutes on the bike for a race so in a test I will do it every 15 minutes to ensure I don’t have any gut problems.

Check and check again. Never leave anything to chance.

Race Morning

• Wake up three hours before race starts and have 500ml of water with 6 scoops of Endura Optimizer with 2 saltsicks. Take your normal tablets (vitamins, oils, etc) then go back to bed.

• Wake up 2 hours before race starts and have two pieces of toasts with jam.

• Sip on water until race (not too much water).

• 10-15 minutes before race starts, have a 250ml can of Red Bull (this will help with concentration during the swim).

Before race, this will amount to around 1000 calories.


• Drink a bottle of Endura rehydration formula with 1 added saltstick in the first hour.

• After the first hour, switch to drinking water and sipping on the homemade gels every 20min with 12 homemade gels (3 batches) and 9 saltsticks watered down in the bottle. Chase each sip of gel with water. If the weather is hot or by feel the need, drink water just before and after taking gels.

• Have two LCM bars, (bars kids take to school), throughout the bike leg.

• Have thee half bananas throughout bike.

This will be around 2200 calories for bike.


• You must really dial into your nutrition on the run.  Most is done on feel.

• In the first 6km, have an LCM bar, sip on homemade gels at aid stations, aim to get between 200-300 calories in between this time.

• I will carry extra saltstick with me, but aim to get my salt from the homemade gels.

• I will carry a small gel bottle with 4 homemade gels and 6 extra salt sticks in the bottle. I will also have two extra gel bottles in my special needs bag, (total of three gel bottles for the run).

• I will have three half mouthfulls of homemade gels every hour.

• I will only drink water around gels.

• I will have 2 more LCM bars that I will keep in my special needs bag.

• If I feel I need cola, I will water it down a little but never at the same times as gels.

I aim to get in around 1500-2000 calories but most of the run nutrition is based on feel.

Please note: Apart from the first hour on the bike, I will not drink anymore sports drinks for the rest of the race. I will only drink water and some cola on the run.  You must be careful when taking gels to take gels with water only.  Too many races including my own in the past with gels and sports drinks or gels with cola have turned bad.  Water is king when it comes to gels.

You will find that everyone is an expert when it comes to nutrition. You as an athlete have got a hard job working out what is going to work for you and what is not.  This takes time and test everything many times over.

Good luck.

Tim Egge



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