Carbo Loading for Ironman and 70.3

There have been many discussions over the need to carbo load before a race, or is it a waste of time?  I work more on common sense then what a lab rat at a University will tell me.  Again my Coach Allan Pitman really put me onto carbo loading and the importance of it.  Most of this carbo plan has come from Allan and works very well.

Not just taking his word as Gospel, I ran my own tests and experiments and found that my performance was significantly greater when I carbo loaded than when I didn’t.  I won’t go too far into it at this stage as I want to mostly post what I do when it comes to carbo loading ready for an Ironman or a 70.3 race.

Again, please just don’t do what I do, you must go out and check, test, change and test again. I know there is a lot of information out there.  Get a plan like this and change it to your needs.

It is also important to sip on water during the last two weeks leading up to a race. You want to be well hydrated but don’t drink too much as you don’t want to demineralise.

Two days out of a race – I will train for one hour (swim, bike and run) at race start time to help acclimatisation.

Right after training – I will have 6 scoops of Endura Optimizer with one Saltstick capsule.

Have a breakfast homemade rice pudding or a rice based cereal – pancakes are OK, but try to limit consumption of too much wheat at this time.

Mid Morning – Have a bottle of 3 scoops Endura Rehydration formula with added saltstick.

Lunch – Lean meat, chicken or fish with rice.

Mid Afternoon – Have a bottle of 3 scoops Endura rehydration formula with added saltstick.

Dinner – Similar selection to lunch (avoid eating out if possible), make sure the meal contains protein, fats and carbohydrates and is eaten early leaving time for a walk after dinner.

Supper – Endura Optimizer 3-4 scoops with added saltstick.

Day Before Race – I will train for 45min (swim, bike and run).

The same eating plan as yesterday.

Tim Egge


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