I am fascinated by people who have broken systems and refuse to resolve them. These are the people who are on the way out and can’t find their keys, or leave everything until the last minute and wonder why they are always late. They may not think these are systems, but they are and they are defective systems that remain broken.

Fixing these systems can be an easy process.  Installing a key hook at the front door and placing your keys on it every time you enter the house turns into a habit and thus an improvement to your system. After all, how much of our life do we really want to spend looking for keys?  The average person lives to around 82, yet I see everyday people going through life as if they will live to 182.

Continuous improvements in all aspects of your life will pay dividends over and over, giving you more time to train, recover, to spend time with family, or work on making more money. Whatever your choice, look at straightforward and effective ways to simplify your life.

Tim Egge


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