Crazy Ironman build weeks

One of the keys to Ironman training is consistency. day in, day out, week in, week out, month in, month out, etc.  In the lead up to an Ironman, you may really benefit from what I like to call Crazy Weekends.

Friday:  Swim 50x 100m with 10sec rest – Bike 2hrs with long TT efforts and a 10km brick session at a pace that you are pushing. Well above Ironman race pace.
Saturday:  Swim 10x 400m aerobic swim.  Bike 7-8 hours (minimum of 200km but more is more on this set), Brick session of 10km at Ironman race pace. That night go to the gym for 1 hour light strength session.
Sunday:  Wake up, and run 20 miles.  That afternoon, back to the pool for 100x100m.
Monday needs to be an active recovery day.
Tuesday right back into normal training.
You should do this week 9, week 6 and week 3 out of an Ironman.
OK, here comes all the warnings.  Whilst I do get some athletes to do this, this isn’t for everyone.  The main reason is come Tuesday, a lot of athletes can’t go right back into normal training.  Going back into normal training come Tuesday is the key.  If you need an extra day recovery, this is too much for you.
The risk of injury will normally come from  the time when you start normal training again so before you tackle a crazy weekend, you need to be really fit and really strong. If you are able to do this Crazy Weekend safely than go for it.  There are good gains to be made and helps greatly with getting you in peak condition.
Tim Egge

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