The Ten-Day Diet Restriction

This is a great diet to lose some extra weight ready for that big race.  Given to me by my mentor Allan Pitman, the bases of this ten day challenge are:
• No Wheat
• No Sugar
• No Dairy

You can have beef/ham, chicken, fish (tin or fresh) and as much vegetables as you like. No need to go hungry. For the people who are active including athletes, include one cup of cooked brown rice.

Burning Energy
This diet is more of a high fat/low carb diet that is similar to the paleo and other high fat diets. While this is a high fat diet, this doesn’t mean fried fat. This is healthy fats found in the allowed foods within this diet.

What to expect
Most people on average will lose between 2kg and 5kg within the ten days. This diet restriction doesn’t need to be a ten day challenge; it can easily become a lifestyle.
You will find that by the end of the challenge, you will have more energy and need less fuel than before.

Tim Egge

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