Ironman Nutrition Plan from Allan Pitman

This is a nutrition plan from Australian Ironman coach Allan Pitman.

Race Day Fuel

Start the bike with three bottles – 2 x 750ml of Endura (2 scoops + 1 salt stick cap) + 1 x 750 Optimizer with 1 salt stick cap added.

At special bike needs – same three bottles.

I carry 5 gels on the bike in case I lose my special needs etc – I often don’t take them (if I do I wash them down with water – not sports drink) Underfeed – don’t overfeed.

The run – I carry 4 gels and a waterproof canister with 6 salt stick caps – I tune into my intuition – if my body says take coke – I take coke diluted with water coke is 12% sugar – your body can only handle 6% sugar while racing.

I have 4 more gels and six more salt stick caps at run special needs – once again underfeed – don’t over feed.

More races have been ruined with overfeeding than underfeeding – don’t try to take more fuel in racing than you have needed in training.

Some use caffeine – you probably won’t go any faster with it but it may help you concentrate – you don’t need pain killers – you need to learn to concentrate – good run technique is the key – practice this in training.

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