Nutrition Plan for Ironman

This is another Ironman Nutrition Plan to consider.


Race Day Fuel

“50g porridge. 1 x toast and jam. Water or 350-400ml JW 50/50

Between now and race: sip Nuun but not too much

15 mins pre swim: 300ml 2:1

T1: H5 isogel, water – few gulps

On bike:
850-1000ml 2:1 per hour (NOT 4:1!) for first 2.5hrs Make sure you drink it. Can drink more if hot, be guided by thirst.

2 saltsticks per hour throughout bike

Next section of race switch to gels and water. 1 gel every 20 mins with a few gulps of water – still at rate of about 850ml per hour (you MUST take the gels every 20 mins or you’ll get water poisoning! Hypernatremia)

Stop drinking and gelling for last 10-15 mins of bike

T2: Water, not too much, can take an isogel if you like

2 saltsticks per hour
Isogel every 20 mins with water OR 2:1 at rate of about 600ml per hour. No solids. Can take some of the Coke they give out if you like but don’t take it with or near a gel.

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