Running at what power

Power meters for running is increasing rather fast in the past few years with more and more runners and triathletes investing in a powe meter like Stryd.  With an incredible amount of extra data to help analyse and give feedback, here are some basic numbers to train and race with a power meter.



This is a quick guide and should be looked at as just a starting point.

  • 5km run race @103% of CP
  • 10km run race @ 100% of CP
  • Half Marathon @ 94% of CP
  • Marathon @ 90% of CP
  • Sprint Distance Triathlon @ 95% of CP
  • Olympic Distance Triathlon: 90% of CP
  • Half Ironman @85% of CP
  • Ironman @80% of CP



Again this is just a starting point to get you training to power and doing intervals.


Time % of CP Time % of CP
1min 107% 6min 100%
2min 105% 7min 99%
3min 104% 8min 98%
4min 102% 9min 97%
5min 101% 10min 96%


How to find your Critical Power (CP)

This is a god quick guide to do a CP test.

– Warm up with 15 minutes of easy running with 4x approximately 50m accelerations.
– recover
– run 3 minutes at maximal 3 minute effort (try to pace as evenly as possible)
– recover
– run easy for 5-10 minutes
– recover fully (there should be at least 20 minutes between test segments)
– run 10 minutes at maximal 10 minute effort (try to pace as evenly as possible)
– recover
– easy running cool down for balance of planned duration

After the run, to get your CP/FTP estimate, you can enter the average power for the 3 minute and 10 minute segments here:


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