Scott Smith’s Marathon Program

Professional US marathon runner Scott Smith has a personal best time of 2:11 marathon.

Below is a typical week of training with most of his weekly volume done at an easy effort.

Monday: AM: Easy 10 miles – PM: Easy 4 miles

Tuesday: AM: Easy 8 miles – PM: Easy 4 miles with drills and strides

Wednesday: AM: Track sessions – something like 20x 400m with 200m easy jog for recovery

Thursday: AM: Easy 10 miles

Friday: AM: Leg Speed session – something like repeats of 300m, 200m, 100m with 200m easy jog between – PM: Easy 4 miles with drills and strides

Saturday: Long runs – Scott’s long runs are often a mix bag and rarely the same session is repeated. One week Scott will have 2 min surges every mile of running and other long runs could be last 5km done fast.

Sunday: Easy 8 miles (it is common to see Saturday and Sunday swapped around and Scott doing his long run on the Sunday)

Leg Speed & Ground Contact Time

The two biggest things that stick out when reviewing Scott’s training logs are the relentless focus of leg speed and to reduce ground contact time.

Just about every week you will see one or two sessions with shorter faster efforts like 200m fast, 200m easy or 10 x 60sec fast hill repeats with the main focus being leg speed.

Also twice a week Scott will do two sessions that contain run drills and will finish with some strides.

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