Cam Brown’s Kona Build

Looking back at professional triathlete Cam Brown’s Ironman builds. here are five different weeks Cam completed. During these times Cam would aim to peak twice a year at Ironman New Zealand and again at Ironman World Championship.

August 2003:

Mon: Swim 5.7km, Bike 140km at a medium effort and Run 10km easy

Tue: Swim 5.2km, Bike 95km and Run 18km (5x 1mile)

Wed: Bike 180km hilly and Run 11km steady

Thu: Swim 5.3km, Bike 110km (3.15min efforts), Run 17km steady

Fri: Swim 4.3km, Bike 73km easy

Sat: Bike 180km with 35km fast and Run 12.5km steady

Sun: Bike 95km medium effort and Run 25km medium effort

Total: Swim 20.5km – Bike 875km – Run 98km

February 2004

Mon: Swim 5.9km, Bike 103km hilly and run 9.5km easy

Tue: Swim 5.6km, Bike 71km and Run 20km (3x 800 + 8x 400)

Wed: Bike 170km steady and Run 12km medium effort

Thur: Swim 5.5km, Bike 78km hilly and Run 18km with 20min of hill repeats

Fri: Bike: 201km medium effort and Run 7.5km medium effort)

Sat: Bike 40km easy and Run 33km moderate

Sun: Bike: 75km and Run 13km easy

Total: Swim 17km – Bike – 738km – Run 113km – Total training time: 36.30 hrs

September 2004

Mon: Swim 5km, Bike 108km and Run 11.5km

Tue: Swim 5.2km, Bike 50km and Run 21km (30min fast)

Wed: Bike 203km and Run 10km medium effort

Thur: Swim 5km, Bike 80km (easy to moderate) and Run 21km (2x 800 + 4x 1600)

Fri: Swim 5km, Run 11km and Run 9km easy

Sat: Swim 3km, Bike 184km (35km fast) and Run 15.5km

Sun: Bike: 69km and Run 35km

Totals: Swim: 23.5km, Bike: 693km, Run 135km “Total Hours: 38.40hrs

September 2005

Mon: Swim: 5.1km and Bike 174km

Tue: Swim: 5.4km and Bike 106km (60km fast), Run 20km hilly

Wed: Bike: 156km, Run 14km brick run and weight training

Thur: Swim: 5.2km and Bike 60km easy and run 21.5km (3x 3km efforts)

Fri: Swim: 5.3km, Run 7km easy and weight training

Sat: Bike: 222km and 12km brick run

Sun: Bike: 45km easy and run 35km

Totals: Swim 21km, Bike 763km, Run 110km

August 2007

Mon: Swim 5.2km, Bike 136km and run 10km easy

Tue: Swim 5.2km, Bike 52km easy, Run 21km

Wed: Bike 193km

Thur: Swim: 4.5km, Bike 91km and Run 21km (30min fast)

Fri: Run 13.5km

Sat: Swim 4km, Bike 214km (2x 20min fast) and Run 7km

Sun: Bike 43km and Run 34km

Total: Swim 18.9km – Bike 730km – Run 107km

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