Lionel Sander’s Ironman Program

In 2017, Lionel Sanders was training to a ten day program that saw him get 2nd at the Ironman World Championships that year. In the lead up to the Ironman in Kona, his program looked something like>

Lionel’s Training Program

  • Day One: Quality swim and high end bike
  • Day Two: High end run
  • Day Three: Long day consisting of quality swim, long bike and moderate length run
  • Day Four: Long run
  • Day Five: Active recovery
  • Day Six: Quality swim and threshold run
  • Day Seven: Threshold bike
  • Day Eight: Rest day
  • Day Nine: Active recovery
  • Day Ten: Active recovery

The method Lionel was working too was load up the body with intensity and volume for the first seven days and spend three days shedding the fatigue that had accumulated. This also lead to Lionel having a short taper of only a week.

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