Brett Sutton’s Ten Day Program

There is little doubt that Brett Sutton is the most successful coach the sport of triathlon has seen with a list of world champion athletes that has been through his system. Sutto normally works off a ten day program cycle for much of the athletes he coaches.

It is worth noting that while Sutto coaches his athletes on a ten day cycle, his online training planes are done on a seven day cycle (I will also add that his online plans are of high quality).

Sutto’s Ten Day Structure

  • Day One: Strength Focus
  • Day Two: Speed Focus
  • Day Three: Strength Focus
  • Day Four: Aerobic Focus
  • Day Five: Active Recovery
  • Day Six: Aerobic Focus
  • Day Seven: Strength Focus
  • Day Eight: Speed Focus
  • Day Nine: Aerobic Focus
  • Day Ten: Active Recover or Rest

While there is a big focus on strength for Sutto’s athletes, his athletes are not in the gym lifting weights. His strength training approach is done with swim paddles, using big gear and low cadence sets for the bike and running up hills.

Sutto isn’t a big fan of technology to help guide his athlete, he does things more on feel. His three training zones are

  • Moderate: this is all day effort. Should feel very comfortable.
  • Medium: This is difficulted but manageable.
  • Mad: as fast as possible without compromising technique.

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