Alistair Brownlee’s 2012 Training Program

Alistair Brownlee who trained approximately 35 hours per week in the lead up to the 2012 London Olympics where he won gold. Below is Alistair’s training program he was completing in February 2012 (5 months out from the Olympics)

Alistair’s Training Week

  • Monday: Run 80min steady + Drills S&C + Swim (easy) + Bike 2hr easy
  • Tuesday: Swim (hard) + Run 40min (easy) + Bike 1hr (easy) + Brick run (15min hard done at the track)
  • Wednesday: Swim (aerobic) + Run 75min (easy) + Bike 3.5hr
  • Thursday: Swim (strength) + Run 1hr + 2hrs with 20min threshold
  • Friday: Swim (mixed pace) + S&C + Run 1hr (easy) + Bike 1hr (easy)
  • Saturday: Run 30min (hard) + Bike 3.5hr (easy) + Brun 30min (easy)
  • Sunday: Bike 4hrs (easy) + Run 1:40hr (easy)

While 35 hours training per weeks for an Olympic Distance athlete seems high, it is around average for a top would class athlete at this level. Other athletes like Javier Gomez who trains approximately 30 hours per week and Jan Frodeno who in 2008 was training 35 hours per week. These athletes do a lot of short sharp sessions with recovery time between each session.

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