Luke McKenzie’s Run Next Level

In 2013, we saw Luke McKenzie take his Ironman run to a new level. Luke’s Ironman marathon would often be 3:05 to 3:10. Around 2013 we started to see Luke’s marathon improve with his personal best being 2:49 at Ironman Wisconsin 2017.

When asked about what had changed with his run, Luke said

“In 2011-2012 I trained with Siri Lindley in Los Angeles and I spent a lot more time running at threshold than I had done in the years prior. I guess 2004-2010 I had trained the speed out of the legs with too much aerobic running. Siri had me running on the treadmill to increase turnover as well as including regular shorter more intense run efforts. I saw my bike strength drop off over that period but I was running a lot better. In 2013 when I went back to coaching myself I feel I found a good balance of bike strength while still incorporating the running at threshold.”

The key run sessions in the lead up to an Ironman for luke:

“Treadmill for turn over. Track for pacing. Hill reps for strength and durability.”

You can check out Luke’s Ironman program HERE

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