Marko Albert Ironman Program

Marko Albert shared with Train Smooth his training program five weeks out from Ironman Hawaii.

“Five weeks out from 2016 IM Hawaii, done in Tucson (very hot in September and @800m elevation), just came from sea level and cold Estonia (took some adjusting). This week was 33.7 hours of training and was followed by 37 hour week.”

Swim 5,8km (including 20*100m hard+ 1200m paddles medium hard)
Bike: 2h easy
Run: 1h easy mixed with drills
Gym: 1h5min (relatively heavy weights)

Run: Track 10*1km @3.25/500m easy in between
Bike: 4h short hard efforts included

Swim: Hard swim 6km (probably set of 12*400m)
Bike: 30min recovery
Run: 95min hilly run
Yoga: 30min


Swim: 3,2km (sprints)
Bike: 4.5h bike
Gym: 1h5min (relatively heavy weights)

Swim: 5,5km relatively easy
Bike: 2h easy
Run: run+drills 1h

Bike: 5h with IM wattage efforts
Run: brick 25min first 15min hard (3.45-3.55km pace)
Yoga: 30min

Swim: recovery 2km
Run: 2h

When asked about what test sessions he would do in the lead up to key Ironman races, Marko replied

“I always ran 101km @85% /500m 5 weeks out of the race and I always did some 10-12400m @threshold swims in the pool around the same time. Biking was more by the feel as the camps often took place in the different environment (Lanzarote, Altitude somewhere or…..) But if I could hold my NP around 270w for 5-6 hours easy rides I knew I was doing fine”

Marko’s website

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