Cadel Evans Training System

A glance at how the 2011 Tour de France winner Cadel Evans trained and prepared when training under his coach Aldo Sassi.

The System

The training system that Cadel was in was rather simple. He would do a VO2 Max test, a anaerobic threshold test and Aldo would take these numbers to build Cadel’s program and ran a “three day algorithm.”

Training Block

The three day algorithm or three day training block looked like:-

  • Day One: Strength and resistance training on climbs (SFR)
  • Day Two: Anaerobic threshold work
  • Day Three: Long ride with climbs

Every day Cadel would download his SRM power file and send feedback to Aldo and Aldo would use this data and information to update sessions, offer suggestions and create the next three day block.

He would change sessions to include the time trial bike instead of the road bike or change some power numbers here and there or use motor pacing but often would keep with the same three day block.

It is also worth noting that Ivan Basso used this exact same training system created by Aldo Sassi.

Cadel Evans and Ivan Basso

Unfortunately Aldo Sassi passed away in 2010.

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