Chris McCormack’s 2010 Ironman Program

Macca’s training program structure didn’t really change too much leading into the Ironman World Championship. His volume would increase a little each week and his intensity would change as he got closer to race day.

This is Macca’s week 16 out from Kona.

Side note that Macca’s race plan for Kona 2010 was to put Craig Alexander under pressure on the bike.

Early Morning: Swim – 12x 400m aerobic
Mid Morning: Bike – 4hr ride with 4x 12min hill climbs @ 6-7% using big gear and low cadence
Afternoon: Recovery run with added walks.

Early Morning: 4hr Group ride with high cadence
Afternoon: Run – 1:20hr with 5x 1.5km hill repeats on a 6-7%
Late Afternoon: Technique swim

Morning: Bike/Brick run – 5.5hr aerobic ride with a 20min easy jog off the bike

Morning: Run: 14 miles done on feel
Afternoon: Swim 20x 200m pushing the pace

Morning: Bike: 4hr aerobic ride with high cadence

Morning: Bike/Brick Run – Ride 6hrs all in the aero position followed by run 1hr at race pace off the bike.
Afternoon: Swim 10x 400 pull & paddles

Early Morning: Run – 20 miles

Midday: Swim – Open water

Afternoon: Run – Done at the track with a focus on drills and technique

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