Adam Hansen’s Program

Recently retired pro cyclists and turned pro triathlete Adam Hansen has been a pro cyclist since 2004 and has completed in 29 Grand Tours and completed 26 of them with a record of competing in all three grand tours six years in a row.

Adam’s Four day training cycle

  • Day One: Speed day (short high intense intervals)
  • Day Two: Strength day (over gearing on hills)
  • Day Three: Long endurance day
  • Day Four: Complete rest day

Adam will sometimes add an extra strength day or an extra endurance day before the rest day but it always follows this pattern of Speed / Strength / Endurance / Recover.


Adam really focusses on in training to burn fats as fuel however he races on high carbs with the goal to intake between 90-120 grams of carbs per hour. This needs to be trained. Adam uses his speed days to use high carb intakes and the strength and endurance days burning more fats.

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