My thoughts on Swim Cords

I started playing around with swim cords on a consistent basis from December 2016.  From this time through to June 2017 when I competed in an Ironman, I had completed 28 sessions with an average session taking approximately 10 minutes.

From June 2017 through to June 2018 when I competed in another Ironman, I had completed 67 swim cord sessions. This time I played around with the sessions and what I was trying to achieve within my training block.

Up until this Ironman in June 2018, I had found very little value in using swim cords but I wasn’t ready to call it quits on using them because in theory, including swim cords in your weekly training makes sense.

In the past eleven weeks I had completed the following:


  • Week One: Three sessions completed as 3 x 25 reps
  • Week Two: Five Sessions completed as 3 x 25 reps
  • Week Three: Five sessions completed as 3 x 30 reps
  • Week Four: Five sessions completed as 3 x 30 reps
  • Week Five: Five sessions completed as  3 x 35 reps
  • Week Six: Four sessions completed as 3 x 35 reps
  • Week Seven: Five sessions completed as 3 x k440 reps
  • Week Eight: Four sessions completed as 3 x 40 reps
  • Week Nine: Four sessions completed as 3 x 40 reps
  • Week Ten: Three sessions completed as 3 x 45 reps
  • Week Eleven: Four sessions completed as 3 x 45 reps


Also in the past twelve weeks, I have started ranking sessions, overall disciplines weeks and overall weeks.  These are ranked on

  • Sessions value
  • Weekly Overall Discipline (moving closer or away from my goal)
  • Overall Week (taking in all training and have I moved closer or away from my goal)

While I plan to write in detail on my target rankings in another blog, I used this as part of my findings to determine whether using swim cords are worthwhile continuing or not.


My Findings 

Personally I have found using swim cords low value and as of this week, I have stopped using them. They had a noticeable negative impact on 14 sessions out of 33 completed in this time. For a person who can only get to the pool to train three times a week, every session has be high value.

It simply comes down to me wanting to protect the quality of my swim sessions.


Reasons why the low value

Between 3-5 swim cord sessions, 2 gym sessions and three swim sessions per week, it is creating too much fatigue.

If I got my strength work through hills, low cadence, paddles and core strength sessions, I would most likely continue to test and play with them but I can’t help think a good quality strength program in the gym will out rank using swim cord.

I will report back in a few months.


Tim Egge


Starting each week with a bang

There is a saying in professional wrestling “I got to get my shit in” meaning they want to hit all their signature moves within a wrestling match. I like to use this saying myself when it comes to my training each week.  I have expectations each week and when I look back through my training log, the weeks that were great versus the poor weeks came down to preparation more times than not.

Yes I make notes on what works and why it worked and I also note what didn’t work and why it didn’t work so when it comes to looking at why some weeks are better than others, I can normally find the reasons why.

Normally Sunday afternoon I will set myself up for success for the coming week.  The main things being

  • Training program set and a basic template of how the week will look like is set out.
  • Swim sessions written out on paper and placed in my swim bag.
  • Bike sessions that are outdoors written on a small paper so all I need to do is stick to the top tube of my bike.
  • The next indoor ride is already written out on my white board ready to go.
  • Training gear, clothing, Garmin, etc all set to go (well as much as possible).
  • My car is filled with petrol.

Just doing these things doesn’t normally take long but as I go through my week and find I am fighting for each minute to “get my shit in” I can just get into it.

A mate who is in the same run group as I am was telling me that his daughter is being assessed for being a genius. One of the things they look at is how organised is the person. In my mate’s daughter’s case, she is extremely organised.  To get the most out of each week, preparation is king. become a genius in triathlon and and aim to get your shit in every week.